High Sierra is passionate about family and we want to make the festival experience memorable for all ages. We invite children and big kids alike to enjoy and participate in a myriad of engaging activities and performances taking place all weekend long. A comprehensive list of activities and performers for the 2017 festival will be posted in the Spring.


Family Stage ~ hosting music, including main stage acts with family sets, full puppet theater, and Gumbo Wobbly; High Sierra’s favorite clown

Art House ~ hosting diverse art projects including art made with a bike

Sing Along Hut ~ to play music, sing, and listen to stories in a kids-size environment

Village Greens ~ bubbles with a unicorn, fun group games, water balloons and more

Shady Chill Zone ~ our rest area that doubles as a nice place to breastfeed for new mothers.


Family Camp

We try to create a quieter and more kid-friendly environment in the eastern end of the Shady Grove campground (quieter late at night, louder early in the morning). If you’re interested in camping in Family Camp, let your shuttle driver or parking attendant know and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. An on-site vehicle pass is required to park in Family Camp. Visit Camping and Parking for more information.


Rockin’ Nannies

The Rockin’ Nannies are a group of qualified educators, professionals and child-care providers who offer their services at High Sierra. They host a Rockin’ Slumber party the Tulsa E. Scott building each night and supply activities, snacks and TLC in a safe, fun environment while moms and dads enjoy some “grown up” time.  Visit therockinnannies.com to learn more about them.



Come join in the parade fun! Wear a funky, colorful costume (some are available for loan) and come to the Parade Booth at the pavilion behind the Family Area. Wear a silly hat, carry a flag or a large puppet! Paint your face and parade in style. The Parade Booth opens every day one hour before we take off, and closes one hour after the start of the parade (please return costumes and parade gear).