Your multi-day festival pass includes on-site tent camping. Car and RV parking is not included and must be purchased separately—see below for all details and options.



Camping is designated on a first come, first served basis. When on-site camping is at capacity, off-site camping with shuttling will be provided. The fairgrounds have permanent restrooms and showers, and we supplement the facilities with ample portable toilets, a shower trailer and a portable sink unit. Camping at High Sierra can be quite cozy, especially in the more popular areas such as Shady Grove, Hillside and Big Meadow. Please be courteous and take only the space you need. Roping off areas and saving space for latecomers is not acceptable festival etiquette. Regardless of where you camp, bring shade structures, tarps or anything that will help create a shaded area in your campsite as summer days in Quincy are very warm.


Classic Adventures RV Trailer Compound

Can’t find a room in town?  Want to stay in a trailer, but don’t want the hassle of driving one up?  Let Classic Adventures RV take care of you.  They are setting up a small trailer village complete with fresh water and power hook-ups located in Grandview Campground, just a short stroll away from Gate 3.  No RV Annex pass required. If interested, contact Dane or Dick at  775-825-1200 ext 3.

Family Camp

We try to create a more kid-friendly environment in the eastern end of the Shady Grove campground (quieter late at night; louder early in the morning). If you’ve got little ones in tow and you are interested in camping in Family Camp, let your shuttle driver or parking attendant know and you’ll be pointed in the right direction. An On-site Vehicle Pass is required for parking in Family Camp, and as always space is designated on a first come, first served basis.

Camping and Parking in Shady Grove Annex

Shady Grove Annex is adjacent to the fairgrounds and a quick, easy walk to the main fairgrounds entrance. You may park your vehicle or RV in Shady Grove Annex; On-site Parking Pass or RV Annex Pass is required. Shady Grove Annex is dry camping – no hook-ups available.

930076920_5f07e89835_oOff-site camping at Camp Panorama

Off-site tent camping is located 1 mile from Gate 3 of the Fairgrounds. Only those camping in Camp Panorama can park in this lot, and each vehicle is required to have a Camp Panorama Camping Pass. No oversized vehicles, trailers, or RVs permitted. 24 hour shuttle service will be provided starting at 11am Thursday morning. Please note this is not an off-site parking lot. Off-site parking will be available in the Express Lot, parking fee payable upon arrival, cash only. Vehicle ins and outs are permitted.

Off-site RVs and Buses – RV Annex

RV Annex Passes are required for all RV parking on any off-fairground festival property, including RV Annex, Grandview Campground and Shady Grove Annex. All are an easy walk to the fairgrounds. Note that Annexs are dry camping – no hook-ups available.

On-site Parking

On-site Vehicle Passes are required to park on the fairgrounds site. There are no vehicle ins and outs. On-site parking spaces will be assigned on a first come, first served basis according to our parking plan. Parking areas and camping areas are separate – walk-in camping areas are close to parking areas. Single day parking is located off-site in our Express Lot.

Accessible Parking

Patrons with a valid, state-issued accessible parking placard or tag must purchase an on-site vehicle pass in order to park on site. Upon arrival, show the parking attendant your Vehicle Pass and valid accessible placard and you will be directed to our Accessible Camping, centrally located within the fairgrounds and in close proximity to accessible bathhouses.

Off-site Festival Parking – Express Lot

Off-site parking with 24 hour shuttle service to the festival is available in our Express Lot. Multi-day and single-day ticket holders may park in the Express Lot. Camping is not permitted. Parking fee, payable upon arrival, cash only. Vehicle ins and outs are permitted.



Show Sherpa Camping

Are you searching for a hassle-free High Sierra camping experience? The Show Sherpa is here to help! Leave the camping gear behind and let The Show Sherpa do the heavy lifting. Located in the Shady Grove Campground, your tent is set up when you arrive and we take it down after you leave. Stand up and stretch! No tiny dome tents here. The Sherpa Village is outfitted with large Eureka! cabin style tents with almost seven feet of headroom and 100 square feet of space, not to mention the sturdy comfortable camping cots. The Show Sherpa’s pre-pitched tent rentals also include camping chairs, a lantern, and all Sherpa Village amenities featuring FREE COFFEE in the morning, a complimentary bag of ice daily, large shade tents filled with comfy chairs for relaxing in between the music. We have a full camp kitchen including a large gas grill, an expedition stove as well as all the pots, pans & utensils you need to make a great meal to refuel for more dancing.  More information available here.

On-site RV Parking Passes

Any vehicle longer than 18′ that is parking on-site is required to have an RV Parking Pass.  RV Parking Passes permit and enable oversized vehicles to park on the Fairgrounds.  Hookups are not guaranteed. RVs and buses will be assigned spaces based on what is available at the time of entry.  RV Parking Passes are entitled to a 15’w x 35’l space which must include your vehicle and any tents or shade structures. If the vehicle is longer, please contact us in advance for special placement. Tow vehicles must be removed from the fairgrounds after trailer is set, and parked off site.  On-site parking of tow vehicles requires the purchase of an On-site Vehicle pass.