By purchasing a ticket, each recipient of Information accessed on this web site (“Customer”) agrees to become bound by the terms of this agreement (the “Agreement”).

The materials made available on this website (collectively, the “Information”), which is intended to be accessed by customers of High Sierra Music Inc, is licensed, not sold, to each Customer for use only in connection with the purchase of tickets for the events and the various venues described herein, (the “Purpose”) under the terms of this Agreement. High Sierra Music Inc may modify the terms of this Agreement at any time without notice.

1. High Sierra Ticket Information

Customer is granted a nonexclusive, nontransferable, revocable, limited license to use Information solely for the Purpose. Customer acknowledges that the Information is the property of High Sierra Music Inc.

2. Terms Of Sale

Tickets sold through this website grant to the Customer only a revocable license to the bearer that may be revoked at any time for any reason. Resale or attempted resale of any ticket issued hereunder at a price higher than the face value appearing thereon is grounds for seizure and cancellation without compensation. Customer assumes all loss, damage, personal injury, risk or danger incidental to the attraction, whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to, the actual attraction. In order to be admitted to an event, each Customer must present the original ticket in its original, undamaged, unaltered form, to the High Sierra box office at the appropriate time to be exchanged for a wristband. Entry may be refused for various reasons, including misconduct, intoxication, etc., as determined by High Sierra Music Inc. The holder of the ticket grants the promoter the right to use their image/likeness as captured on film, video, or any other medium being utilized at the event, and further understands that such images will likely be used to promote future events. Certain items may be prohibited by the policies of management, venue, promoters, participants or organizers. The holder consents to any potential searches while onsite (including upon entry to the event) for any prohibited items and the seizure of such items if found. In case of seizure, such items shall not be returned.

3. No Refunds Or Exchanges

All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges for tickets purchased through this website, or at the box office will be made. Any tickets not successfully delivered will be returned to the High Sierra office to be held at will call at the box office at the event. The Customer is liable for all charges regardless of whether the tickets are claimed from will call. High Sierra Music Inc is entitled to retain all fees collected through this website for services that it performs in taking orders and delivering tickets, including shipping, handling and service charges.

4. Event Cancellation/Changes

Notwithstanding the issuance of tickets through this website, High Sierra Music Inc may cancel any event. Also, High Sierra Music Inc may change the scheduled performers, times, or the event date without notice, and any such change will not be considered a cancellation of the performance. Where events are held at outdoor venues, the risk of inclement weather is assumed by the Customer. Events may be held regardless of weather conditions, rain or shine, as determined by High Sierra Music Inc. In the event that High Sierra Music Inc offers to refund the base ticket price of the canceled event, the customer must make the request for refund no later than 10 business days of the originally scheduled date. In the event that a performance is rescheduled and the base price refunds are authorized by High Sierra Music Inc, any refund request must be made to High Sierra Music Inc prior to the show and all tickets must be returned to High Sierra Music Inc no later than 10 business days after the rescheduled date/and or refund request whichever is earlier. High Sierra Music Inc is entitled to retain all fees collected through this website for services that it performs in taking orders and delivering tickets, including shipping, handling and service charges, regardless of whether a show is rescheduled or canceled.

5. Festival Guidelines

All Customers must abide by all festival guidelines set forth by High Sierra Music Inc found here. Violating festival guidelines at discretion of High Sierra Music Inc is grounds for removal and cancellation without compensation.

6. Parking

Parking fees not included in price of festival ticket. Each vehicle parking on-site at High Sierra must purchase a Vehicle Pass. If the total length of your vehicle plus anything attached to it is 18′ or longer, it is considered an RV and must have a RV Pass to park on-site or an RV Annex Pass.